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A non-profit organization of people dedicated to water conservation issues. Individuals from municipal, industrial, institutional, and commercial sectors have joined together in an effort to exchange information, provide education, and work collaboratively to help ensure a positive water future for the state.

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The Alliance’s membership consists of about 35 people who meet on odd-number months. The date and times are set at the beginning of the year and the location rotates. Please check meeting schedule for upcoming meetings or call 1-800-WATER-NM.

A portion of each Alliance meeting is also spent sharing what’s going on in “each person’s world” relative to water conservation.

Why Join The Alliance

Enjoy the Following Membership Benefits:

  • networking with other conservation professionals statewide
  • subscription to the Conservation Current, a quarterly conservation newsletter
  • latest information on new water conservation technology, programs and issues
  • participation in cooperative water conservation workshops
  • presentations on water conservation topics


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Projects & Events

The Alliance has Participated in the Following Projects and Events:

  • served as a sponsor and registrar of water conservation workshops for industrial, commercial, and institutional water users
  • sponsored water conservation workshops for the semiconductor industry
  • served as a sponsor of water conservation workshops for municipal water utilities
  • provided regional and statewide speakers for Water Conservation Conferences
  • established partnerships to publish and distribute materials on xeriscape and rainwater harvesting

Conservation Newsletter

newsletterThe New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance is pleased to announce that the Conservation Current has gone electronic, paper copies will no longer be sent through the mail. All issues after May 2007 will be formatted in html and reside on our website. All back issues will continue to be archived. We encourage you to sign up to receive notification of when a new issue is published. This e-mail list will be used four times a year and only to announce newsletters. An additional list is available for those that want to receive announcements of upcoming events. Just check the boxes of the lists to which you would like to be part.

~The New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance Board~

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New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance
PO Box 4133
Gallup, NM 87305-4133
Phone: 1-800-WATER-NM

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NMWCA Membership Fees:

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Annual membership fees are $35 for individuals and $300 for corporations and other organizations (up to 10 members). If members choose not to pay the fees, they may still receive the Conservation Current newsletter and attend the Alliance meetings. However, members who pay the fees will gain voting privileges, and the fees will help support the many water conservation activities the Alliance sponsors.

To join, print and complete the membership form or use our online payment method below.

Lonnie Burke
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Emily Geery
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