Statewide Water Loss Control Training Program

The NMED Drinking Water Bureau is pleased to announce the launch of its free Statewide Water Loss Control Training Program.  NMED is teaming with the Environmental Finance Center and Cavanaugh to provide training to community public water systems across the state on the AWWA M36 Water Auditing & Loss Control Methodology.  This free program is critical for any community public water system that:

  •   Is now or will be seeking funding for water projects from the State
  •   Is now or will be seeking a water rights permit from the State
  •   Is seeking to improve revenues and efficiency in your system
  •  Is seeking to cost-effectively increase water supplies

The program will cover training on conducting a top-down water audit using the AWWA Free Water Audit Software,

understanding validation of the data, understanding the components of water loss, and identifying a plan of action for economic water loss improvements. The program will have a separate track for large (>10,000 population) and small systems.  Both tracks will start with a webcast in October, followed by a series of training workshops.  These workshops will build on each other with progressive material that will provide the conceptual basis of each component of the AWWA M36 water auditing & loss control methodology, and will include activities for each system to work on between workshops that are designed to provide practical application and learning through reinforcement.  The program will run October 2015 to June – 2016.

All community public water systems are eligible to participate in this program at no cost.  You can learn about the program at the website below.  A free webcast will also be held October to present the program overview.

The registration deadline for the full Program is Friday October 30th.

This free program will be eligible for Operator and Board training CEUs.  Space is limited, and food will be provided.  Learn more and register at:

  Mexico satellite map .

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