NMWCA is a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) Professional Certifying Organization. It offers QWEL training and certification in New Mexico.


QWEL training presents an affordable, proactive, local approach to reducing landscape water demand. QWEL provides graduates with knowledge in water efficient and sustainable landscape practices, including water management and preservation of other valuable resources.


WaterSense Partner


QWEL is recognized as a WaterSense labeled Professional Certification Program for Irrigation System Audits. Upon successful completion graduates will be listed as a Certified Professional on the WaterSense web site.


QWEL Professional Certification in Irrigation System Audits


The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper professional certification provides landscape professionals with 20 hours of education on local water supply, sustainable landscaping, soils, landscape water budgets, irrigation system components and maintenance, irrigation system audits, and schedule and controller programming. In order to obtain QWEL certification, an individual must demonstrate their ability to perform an irrigation system audit as well as pass the QWEL exam.


For more information QWEL, go to: https://www.qwel.net/. QWEL trainings in New Mexico will be posted on the Training page.