Our Mission

The VISION of the New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance (NMWCA) is to promote awareness and coordinate action on water conservation and efficiency in New Mexico. The MISSION of the NMWCA is to support and serve as a resource for professionals who work in water conservation and efficiency in New Mexico.


The NMWCA was founded in the 1990’s when the first municipalities in New Mexico implemented water conservation programs, and it serves an important function in connecting and supporting professionals who work in the water conservation and efficiency field across the State. The NMWCA is organized as a non-profit corporation with individual members and member organizations that is governed by a volunteer board.


In 2022, the NMWCA engaged in a strategic planning process to provide more continuity in the organization’s work over time. Strategic planning was conducted as a year-long collaborative process with the involvement of both board members and members. The NMWCA Strategic Plan (2023-2027) is intended to provide a shared vision that will guide the organization’s activities and a framework for assessing the organization’s effectiveness over the next 5 years. The NMWCA tracks progress on the strategic plan through its NWMCA Strategic Plan Tracking Sheet.